Welcome to Verus PnP Edit

By the hands of fans directing the story of Alex Verus into a roleplaying game this system was created. A pen and paper that focusses itself on a Magical Society hidden amongst the 'normals' where political intrigue, power and the danger of secrecy threatens continuously. Aspiring mages, adepts and sensitives seeking to carve their way into reputation while those in power move their pawns across the board of spells and items.

Below I will leave an Index, that'll lead you to the all the rules necessary to build and progress your character.

Verus PnP CoD system Edit

Sample Spells

Link to the old system

Mages of the Americas Edit

The Political scene

Known Threats

  • Dark mages
  • Independants
  • Adept gangs
  • Magical Creatures


  • Political stirrings
  • Emerging Items
  • Places of power and wonder

Characters Edit

Player Characters


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